For the first time ever, we are opening up WWOW membership to anyone around the world! We are growing an online presence to connect women all over the globe!

So, if you’re looking for:


- Camaraderie - The life of an entrepreneur, especially of a woman or a mother, can get lonely and difficult at times. WWOW will bring women together in a safe and positive environment where we can discuss openly about anything we have learned or may be going through. Together we will combat the state isolation or loneliness that being women and/or business owners can sometimes bring. And, replace it with fun, positivity, and laughter!


- Connections & Sisterhood - Build relationships and increase your network with other women that you may not have had without WWOW bringing you together. Through these new connections we can learn from each other, whether it be about business or personal lives. Ultimately, helping one another grow and expand our visions and businesses through these life long connections.


- Promoting and Marketing - There's no better referral or promoting than the word of mouth referral. Through building your network and building bonds, you will be able to promote and market your purpose, cause, and your business. WWOW will also participate and host regular events that allows it's members to showcase their business. Membership also allows you to post, advertise, and promote you and your business with WWOW (including our private Facebook page).


- Community - WWOW intends to do various events to provide community outreach and public awareness of topics that we feel as a group are important. Our group will be a platform where we can provide resources, support, and help to service the community with our NonProfit Sector, WWOW the WORLD.


- Empowerment - We want to lift each other up and other women, mothers, and youth in all areas of life (spiritual, emotional, personal, financial, and professional). Life is a gift, and so often, we need to be reminded! We need to not only celebrate the achievements and triumphs, but it is especially through the setbacks and defeats that we need to be empowered and learn from.


- Exclusive Events & Group - WWOW will occasionally host events that will be exclusive to WWOW members only to offer resources, education, support, or just for a social experience. We will also have an exclusive Facebook group where members will be able to interact, support each other, support WWOW businesses, and have the opportunity to be a part of live videos featuring guest speakers. The intent is to grow globally and to spread the mission & heart of the WWOW movement to other women around the world.


Let’s WWOW the WORLD together! And, let’s WIN together! We can’t wait to WIN with Women around the world and expand our movement!

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Please click on post below for more information re: our PROM DRESS drive and Pop-Up drop off locations in the Bay Area and Las Vegas!


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